3 Reasons EVERY Millennial Needs a Side Hustle

Austin Dixon
4 min readJul 15, 2017

In an age where you can make $25,000 per month selling potatoes with messages on them, it amazes me that some people still think entrepreneurs are “lucky.”

No, we’re not lucky.

We’re just crazy enough to take our ideas and make them happen.

Whether it’s drawing cats for other people or making $152,996.34 in a year by selling t-shirts, the modern day entrepreneur isn’t always some tech geek working at Silicon Valley’s “next big thing.”

The modern-day entrepreneur (believe it or not) is the one that understands all you need to start a successful business are two things:

  1. A passion
  2. Some work ethic

Take Josh Ryan, CEO of Cleverpreneur, for example.

Josh is an internet marketer and, at 17, has made a living out of a side hustle.

By day, Josh is a regular high school student who goes to math class and cycles in his free time.

After school, he has mastered the art of the modern-day entrepreneur and makes money online selling info products and done-for-you services for Instagram growth.

Josh Ryan runs an Instagram growth agency surrounding his Cleverpreneur brand[/caption]

With over 382,000 followers and an expertise on Instagram growth, the teenage entrepreneur has built a six-figure business all from the comfort of his phone.

Now, I know one of the biggest misconceptions of building a successful business is that it’s “too hard” to make money online…

…or that you “don’t have the time.”

…or that it’s “too expensive.”

Look… I get it!

Learning something new can be hard and frustrating and take patience.

But, if it could help you find your purpose and fuel your passions then isn’t an investment in yourself worth it?!

In order to get you over those hurdles, I’m going to give you 3 reasons why EVERY Millennial needs a Side Hustle. Here they are:

1. The ability to do work that you love

Look… I know we don’t know each other, but I like to think I’m a fun guy.

I enjoy the movie Step Brothers, my friends seem to like my jokes, and every once in a while, I like to crack a few cold ones with the boys.

Unless you don’t like puppies or guys under 5’7”, I think we’ll get along just fine…

So… Do you think I would advocate for something if it wasn’t fun? No way, bruh!

Side Hustles are the ultimate game in which you can try to lose* and you’ll probably still win.

If you enjoy winning in ping pong, you’ll have fun with a Side Hustle.

If you always won tag as a kid (or at least thought you did), you’ll have fun with a Side Hustle.

If you have a passion that you’re not pursuing in your life, you’ll have fun with a Side Hustle.

Every day of Side Hustling presents another day to do what you love for work.

*This is a joke … You have to work hard to win!

2. Personal and professional growth

As young professionals, it’s our job to be sponges so that we can learn success from other successful people.

We get jobs after college to commence true “adulthood” — also known as “holy-shit-I’m-an-adult-now-and-can-barely-afford-guacamole-hood.”

We start the 9 to 5, learn some skills, and try to move up a linear path to “the top.”

However, with Side Hustles you’re learning something new every day!

One day you’ll be studying how to provide better customer service and the next you’ll be figuring out how much money you should reinvest to grow your business.

In a Side Hustle, you’ll fail sometimes.

The good news? You’ll always win more than you lose.

Every day of Side Hustling offers you accelerated growth towards that success we’re all eagerly chasing.

3. Make an extra income

There’s an elephant in the room…

Yes, Side Hustles can make you some extra money to help with things like gas for your Honda, that highly-coveted ticket to Coachella, or towards the trip to Bali that you “saw on Instagram.”

I’m not saying you’re going to be a millionaire overnight.

Heck, I’m not even promising you’ll make your first $1 until you understand the principals of ethical sales.

But, Side Hustles are all about playing the long-game and enjoying the journey along the way.

Every day of Side Hustling gives you an opportunity towards reaching that financial goal of yours, whatever that goal looks like.

At the end of the day, some of you are going to read this and be inspired to chase your dreams.

You’ll share this with the friend you talked about your blog idea with or maybe will go as far as brainstorming a few ideas.

For others, you’ll probably just brush it off because your passions are too hard, too time-consuming, or too expensive to pursue.

Let me leave you with one final thought:

The only thing that’s harder than pursuing your passions is the effort it takes to work hard at a job that’s not getting you where you want to be.

If you want to get started on a side hustle to find more meaning and purpose in the work you do, CLICK HERE.

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